hints of blue

Capture Date: 01.01.2007 - 13:48:28
Camera Model: NIKON D200
Focal Length: 50 mm @ Aperture: f/2.8
Exposure: 1/60 sec
ISO: 100 | Flash: Not Fired

left oversburnt outhints of blueThere's a lightfour lights
  • Othmar Fetz @ 07.01.2007 - 08:48:13

    cool DOF and nice colors!

  • Janis @ 07.01.2007 - 08:55:48

    this has so much impact, it must be the division of the space and the great DoF.

  • .zack! @ 07.01.2007 - 11:39:00

    Thank you guys. I appreciate your comments very much.

    Funny enough I wasn't going to post this one as I didn't like it at all at first glance. Meanwhile it has become my favourite shot of this series.

  • Siebbi @ 10.01.2007 - 23:57:38

    This is a great series, .zack!! It's a pity that these great shots don't appear at flickr! It must have been shown to the public! They are completely after my fancy!

  • .zack! @ 12.01.2007 - 22:37:12

    Thank you very much Siebbi.

    By the way, these pictures are published in public too, aren't they?

  • caspar @ 19.01.2007 - 09:50:35

    darf ich etwas werbung machen für eine jüngere fotografin aus tokyo... Sie nennt sich "bitter girls" und ihre bilder sind hier zu sehen: http://blog.so-net.ne.jp/photolog

    das bild hier erinnert mich stark an die japanerin.

    bester gruss, caspar

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