brown and green

Capture Date: 22.10.2006 - 11:31:19
Camera Model: NIKON D200
Focal Length: 50 mm @ Aperture: f/2.8
Exposure: 1/400 sec
ISO: 200 | Flash: Not Fired

consumptionpink and greenbrown and greenself in a puddlegrey and green
  • Joerg @ 24.10.2006 - 08:15:11

    Super schöner Schärfeverlauf

  • Janis @ 24.10.2006 - 08:29:42

    okay! that's it! the 50mm is staying on my camera for awhile. This is fantastic! I love the shallow depth of field!!!

  • .zack! @ 24.10.2006 - 09:44:44

    Danke Joerg.

    Janis, thanks a lot. I'm glad to hear, that my work inspires you to use your 50mm lens more often too. Can't wait to see your results. :o)

  • Janis @ 25.10.2006 - 21:51:18

    Now I know why I took the leaf photos yesterday! I was inspired by this one. I'll post mine tonight.

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