and they were called yellow

Capture Date: 30.04.2007 - 11:29:10
Camera Model: NIKON D200
Focal Length: 105 mm @ Aperture: f/3.5
Exposure: 1/1600 sec
ISO: 100 | Flash: Not Fired

complementary coloursgreen is hopeand they were called yellowpinkywhitely
  • Janis @ 18.06.2007 - 15:23:21

    golden and gorgeous. the minimalism makes this beauty stand out. this series of colour is eye catching, what's next, red?

  • Siebbi @ 18.06.2007 - 17:41:43

    Gorgeous! Perfect focus and DoF. Beautiful light!
    Is it possible to implement something to watch a larger version of your pictures here. At least a full screen version would be great.

  • .zack! @ 19.06.2007 - 10:53:47

    Thank you my friends.

    Take pot of luck, Janis! ;o)

    Siebbi, this is close to being the exact middle of the medium and original sizes of my pictures over at flickr. This size is large enough to be enjoyed by visitors and small enough not to be abused by stealers - I hope. I know, that it is not as comfortable as it is on flickr, but it is the best way for me to feel comfortable showing my work.

  • Jason Dale @ 31.05.2009 - 14:48:11

    Wow, lovely image, just wonderful.

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